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See Caption info in toolbox for description of each slide"The Ramming of the Ship Essex"Small trunk believed to be from the wreck of the EssexCaptain Benjamin Lawrence, survivorImage shows William Wright, Seth Weeks, and Thomas Chappel being rescued from Henderson Island in the Pacific Ocean by a boat from the British merchant vessel Surry, April 9, 1821.Thomas Nickerson, a cabin boy, survived three months in an open boatCapt Owen ChaseMichael HarrisonCover wharf book from the whaleship Essex dated April 3, 1819.List of owners, officers and crew on ships second to last voyageSketch by survivor Thomas Nickerson showing the whale attacking the ship Essex, November 20, 1820Sketch by survivor Thomas Nickerson after the whale attacked the ship Essex, November 20, 1820Chart of the South Pacific showing the track of the boats of the whaleship Essex, sunk by a whale November 20, 1820.Illustration of the whale attacking the whaleship Essex by William J. Aylward, first published in Compolitan, November 1904.The title page of Owen Chases’s Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-ship Essex, 1821.

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