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0697–Cape Air Rota Station Ground Staff in their United Express uniforms – (Left to right, top to bottom: Aldine Mendiola – Cross Trained agent, Joseph Omar – cross trained agent, Johmar Untalan – cro8089- Cape Air Saipan Station Ground Staff in their United Express Uniforms – (Left to right, top to bottom: George Camacho – cross trained agent, Melody Meily – station supervisor, Michi Vitches9150- Cape Air crew members conduct a preflight briefing for an afternoon flight from Guam to Saipan. (Left to right: Jamie Matias – 9K Flight Attendant, Hajime Yoshida- 9K ATR-42 Captain, & Jared Tan9237- Cape Air Flight Attendant – Jamie Matias holding a safety briefing card. [Photographer: Joel Tudela]GuamBase Cape Air Maintenance (left to right: Jason Lilly- Base Manager, Mike Tiong- A&P Mechanic, Frank Salas – A&P Mechanic, DG specialist, Renato Arbaquez- Lead A&P Mechanic, & Paul Connolly – Dir

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