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16 x 20  landing fish. Lake Hills peaks.16 x 20 Hillclimb one018; man finishes hill climb route1916 Harley2006.06.052 Beartooth mountains Jeep &Honda motorcycle, road sign.2006.06.236 HP-96 Tipi Gas station2006.06.329 HP-239 1929  0r 35 fire wall truck2006.06.330 HP-240 1937 Fire wall sign.jpg2006.06.332 HP-242 Hillclimb two2006.06.333 HP-243 Hillclimb three2006.06.361 HP-280 A Hillclimb five2006.06.361 HP-280 B 1932  B Hill Clown2006.06.361 HP-280 C Hill truck men2006.06.361 HP-280 E Scooter2006.06.361 HP-280 F Fire wall crashDSC_0603GogglesIn the windIn the Wind2

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